Hello world.  The summer is finally here.  We have seen steady flows for the last 7 days and anticipate to stay right around 13,000 cfs for the forseable future.  As of yesterday the dry fly’s have been flying.  Mostly by the afternooon.  Nymph fishing is still the most productive.  Water is clear to about 3 feet and getting better daily.  We expect clear water in about 10 days.  We are really happy with our water storage managers.  It looks like they will try to fill Palisades Reservoir to 100%.  This means great late season fishing in August and September.  We have availability in September and October and can see some real trophy fishing at this time.

If you have never fished a salmon fly hatch book your trip today.  This should be an epic hatch.  If not a strong hatch, we have been seeing prolific hatches of green drakes, size 16 golden stones(aka south fork sallies) and recently the pmd’s have emerged.  Our Franklin’s gulls have arrived which usually signals the beginning of the salmonfly and dry fly season.  It’s HERE!!  IT’S ON!!

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2013-08-07 04.22.40This year will be spectacular.  As of Mid April we are seeing 140% of average snow pack in the mountains.  The water is being released from Palisades Reservoir in anticipation of a solid run off from the mountains.  We are seeing slightly warmer than average temperatures and area creek are starting to run off.  This is good.

The upper South Fork is flowing at 9000 cfs today.  The water is clear but greens up mid canyon section.  Fishing has been excellent on steamers and nymphs.  The rainbows have begun spawning.  We are seeing large numbers of large fish on reds.  The heve been eating eggs very well.  Our guides have been bringing in many dozens of fish.  With higher water we are seeing all classic red areas produce.  We are looking forward to higher slightly off color water to practice our san juan worm fishing.  Our guides are zen masters at getting into fish during spring season.  Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for daily posts

Mid December Harvest 0 00 06-11Greetings fellow outdoors men,

On August 1st, 2013 the Lodge completed it’s acqusition of Blackdog Outfitters.  This is great news for all of our guests as it allows us more fishing opportunities for even larger fish.  We will also be able to waterfowl hunt(ducks & geese) on our home water on the upper section of the South Fork and in the canyon as well.  Waterfowl season is scheduled to open at sunrise on Saturday, October 12, 2013 and close Jan 24th, 2014.  The lodge and its cabin’s and services will remain open as long as demand requires.  We are planning on being here until December.

We are now licensed to guide fishing trips with jet boats or drift boats from the confluence of the Henry’s Fork with the South Fork down stream apporxiamately 100 miles to Massacre of Rocks State Park.  This meeting of rivers occurs near the Menan boat ramp.  The new water is divided into three sections, SN1, SN2 and SN3.

SN1, is the section from the confluence of the Henry’s and the South Fork to Gem State Power plant in downtown Idaho Falls.  We are still waiting for the licensing procedure to complete its course through the BLM to fish the upper half of this section.  The second half of SN1 is slow water with many “lake” like peices of water.  We will focus on the lower sections (SN2 &SN3) in the near future.

SN2, feaures the area many of the guides fish during their off season.  Project X, has been the reference term for the second section which starts at Gem State Power Plant to American Falls Reservoir.  Project X includes Gem State Power Plant to Shelley,  Shelley to Firth, and the Firth to Rose section.  Outfitting occurs in both jet and drift boats.  We focus on this area in October and November when the brown trout begin to spawn.  This is mainly streamer water at this time of year and yields violent strikes from large hook jawed trout.  The chance of hooking into a trophy trout(22+ inches) with incredible spawning colors is very possible.  This area also includes Tilden Bridge and the spring creeks in the main river.  During low water years, we see massive trout move out of American Falls Reservoir up stream to the cool waters of the spring creeks.  There are four target areas for truly trophy sized trout.  Outfitting is done with 17 foot Jon boats with outboard jet engines on the back.  This is for the seasoned angler who is looking for the fish of a lifetime.

SN3, is the section of  water beneath American Falls Reservoir downstream to Massacre of Rocks State Park.  This is an incredible unknown fishery in the state of Idaho and in fact the entire United States.  The diversity of species makes this most appealing.  Below the reservoir it is possible to catch smallmouth bass, all species of trout, huge carp and sturgeon.  We use the legendary guide Larry Larson who lives in Pocatello for outfitting the main Snake as well as our local boys who have spent many days off searching for their trophy.

Waterfowl Hunting takes place on the south shore of Palisades Reservoir and on the South Fork of the Snake river from Palisades Dam to Clark Hill, which is down in the canyon section.  Waterfowl hunting at this point can only be conducted on National Forest lands.  We will have blinds set up at strategic points on the river and the guides will have decoy’s, retreiving dogs and duck and goose calls to bring the birds in.  We may use drift bhoats or jet boats to conduct this activity.  Steel shot is required and the limit on mallard’s is 6 bird’s only two can be hen’s.  Canadian geese limit is 4 bird’s.  After you shoot your limit you may call it a day or go back out with drift boats and fish with a guide.

Call us for rates and to book a trip. 1-866-393-1613

Resampled952013-05-239512-58-0895956Finally, the season begins.  With an average snow pack there is plenty of cold clean clear water for our beloved trout.  Here is guide Rollie Towler with his guest Ann Red.  They landed this 24 inch beauty in late May.  This year we have seen more large trout come out of the river and  earlier,  than in years past.  The fish look healthy and fat.  With over 5,000 fish per mile the season is shaping up to be a great one.  Boook noow as the Lodge is almost full with some windows throught the summer for the active person or group looking for that trip oif a lifetime.  The water flow manager’s have assured us of steady flows for summer.  Great news if your a fish or fisherman.  Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for the latest trophy pictures and the latest happenings on property.  We are continuing our up grades on the facilities to bring you the best guest experience possible.  I guess that is why we have been nominated for Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year for a second year in a row.  Call Rayna in reservations now to see what makes us so special.  1-866-393-1613.

Big news at the LODGE!!

Mid December Harvest 0 00 06-11





Hello friends, we are excited to announce the purchase of Blackdog Outfitters.  This will enable us to take our guests fishing on the main Snake River below Menan buttes all the way to Massacre of Rocks State Park near Burley, Idaho. If you want to catch a trophy of a lifetime time you will love the secret water we have fished privately during the  off season.  Tilden Bridge, Project X near Shelly and Firth and the incredible resource below American Falls Reservoir for Sturgeon, Small Mouth Bass, and massive trout are waiting for you.  Even more exciting is the waterfowl hunting permit that comes with this purchase.  We will now be offering our guests an amazing waterfowl hunting experience on the upper South Fork right outside our door step.  For years we have enjoyed this resource after our fishing season.  The photo here shows us after a great field hunt in Swan Valley.  Our new permits will allow us to hunt the river corridor which is a major stopping area for waterfowl migrating south for the winter.  After your hunt,  enjoy world class dining and lodging back at the Lodge.  To make a reservation just call Rayna in our office.  1-866-393-1613.

Fishing is excellent at this moment.  Very little traffic on the river.  river coming up for irrigation.  It is still very clear water.  Midge nymphs and mysis shrimp is the major food source. And eggs.

Spring is here







Hello from East Idaho.  Just a quick report from the South Fork of the Snake River.  Fishing has been outstanding.  Large brown midges have been seeing a surprising amount of surface feeding.   Who would have thought dry fly fishing in March and April?  The egg bite is starting for spawning rainbows.  The fish will get a cold blast of water as the snow has begun to melt.  We are seeing air temperatures in the 60’s during the day and temps below freezing at night.  the true runoff won’t start until the temps stay above freezing at night.  generally mid May, but we will see what Mother nature has in mind for us this year.  The area reservoirs are all nearly full leaving a little room to catch this winters snow melt.  GREAT news for us fishermen and women.  The ramps are all now totally open.  We are guiding trips starting right now.    Mysis shrimp, and pheasant tail nymphs are also working well.  Get out and enjoy some of this warm weather and great fishing.  Give us a call if you need a guide or are interesteds in visiting us this summer. 1-866-393-1613







Hi everyone.  The weather is warming and spring is looking good.  The fish are still in winter mode which means they are in the deep pools eating food that comes to them.  The fish below Palisades Dam are quite active on Mysis shrimp patterns.  We really like the Stalcup’s Mysis shrimp in size 16 or 18.  Fish and Game has tagged another 800 rainbow and hybrid trout for their Angler Incentive Program.  The biologists believe it is working.  They mentioned the rainbows were particularly large this winter when they tagged the fish.  Also, our cutthroat and brown trout numbers are up as well.  It appears to be an average snow year and that means plenty of water for our system.  The factors are falling into place for a GREAT year of fishing!  The ramps and access points are nearly thawed and if the weather pattern continues we will see total access in a week.  The water is low and a person can walk across the entire river in most places.  This is normal for this time of year.  The Lodge will open in May this year and we expect good nymph fishing starting then if not sooner.  We are also working on a waterfowl hunting permit and permitting on the main Snake River from Idaho Falls down past Pocatello,  Idaho to Massacre of Rocks.  This will open up “Project X” on the main snake near Firth, Shelley and the towns of Rose to trophy trout fishing in the fall.  Also, the Tilden Bridge area for trophy trout in spring water feeding the river above American Falls Reservoir.  It’s a longtime secret we hope to share with you soon!  Maybe, just maybe, we may even see Larry the Legend back on the sticks showing you his home water mentioned above.  See ya soon.download South Fork Brown